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Sensui e Itsuki

October 2008

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Sensui e Itsuki

Well, I don't know why I'm here, but...

hm, I supposed to do my homework (crap), but it can wait...

It's kinda frightening to figure out that someone else from J-Rock will come to Brazil. American people must don't understand this feeling, because they always have what they want (excluding bands that don't go out of their countries).

I don't like Miyavi's music so much, but I'll go to his concert, just to represent our nation. \o/
Too bad that we depends on idiots to bring a J-Rock band. The organizers ALWAYS do something wrong. Like when Charlotte came here. They didn't choose a good place in both concerts (Sao Paulo and Rio) and looked like that Brazil doesn't have a place for this purpose. It's shameful.

I know that any of my favorite J-Rock bands wouldn't come here, but it's sad having a bad reputation.

Well, I hope our public don't disappoint Miyavi...

Uh, sorry my poor English, that's why I prefer speaking in Portuguese =P.

Sooo, bye everyone o/



oi td bem?
é só pra mim me enganar e pensar q alguém comentou =)
td e vc?

eu tbm vou te enganar então xD~
o pior é q qndo eu vi o e-mail do meu comentário, eu fikei mó feliz d verdade ¬¬
eu consigo me enganar d verdade... tsc tsc tsc...